Jon Voight's Comments About Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Wedding Are Telling

Angelina Jolie, Brad PittYou know how Angelina Jolie has had an on again, off again relationship with her father Jon Voight over the years? Well it seems that they are very seriously on the outs these days, as he wasn't even invited to her very intimate wedding ceremony with Brad Pitt in France last weekend.

Dang, I know a lot of brides these days question whether or not to let their dads walk them down the aisle, but to not even have him in attendance? It seems pretty harsh, Angie. And to top it off? Voight didn't even know about the nuptials until the news broke to the rest of the world.


The 75-year-old Oscar winner was being interviewed by Inside Edition on Thursday morning when the news broke that Brangelina had finally tied the knot after nearly a decade and six kids together.

Voight was asked about the wedding several hours after the newlyweds' spokesperson confirmed the news, and he admitted that he had no idea they'd gotten hitched. When asked for a comment, he quipped, "That's nice."

Whoa. That's more than a little sharp, don't you think? On the other hand, he did just find out that he hadn't been invited to his daughter's wedding. That sort of thing does have to sting just a bit.

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Later during the day, Voight told Us Weekly, "It seems like it was very nice -- and with all of the kids involved, it must have been a lot of fun and very beautiful. I'm happy for them."

Classy! None of us really know exactly what happened between Angelina and her dad to cause their on-and-off estrangement, but it's sort of nice that we don't. He's been very vocal publicly about his support for her, even when he's been kept in the dark about things like her wedding or her preventative double mastectomy in 2013. In turn, she hasn't come out swinging on why he hasn't been a part of her life.

Because no matter what went down, it's obvious there's a huge pile of dirty laundry there. It's nice that neither of them has felt the need to air it.

Why do you think Angelina didn't invite her dad to her wedding?


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