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kristen stewartJust as Bella was Edward's brand of heroin, Twilight was its fans' drug of choice for so many years. So stories about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (and the readers they bring) are an addiction many a gossip rag and website can't seem to kick (and yes, we are by definition just as guilty here). It's been more than a year since the costars broke up, and still their names are linked in headlines.

In September, they maybe possibly will cross paths at the Toronto International Film Festival, where both have movies premiering. As we gear up for the barrage of rumors that momentous occasion will bring, we thought we'd recap everything we've heard about Rob and Kristen in the month of August:


1. Kristen Is Making Rob Jealous by Hooking Up With Nicholas Hoult

Stewart is in Japan, filming the dystopian movie Equals with Jennifer Lawrence's ex. Because the two were photographed eating sushi together (in Japan! Those crazy kids!), the press immediately said they were doing more. Then last week they appeared together in an Ice Bucket Challenge video, and whoa, that means wedding bells, of course. This leap of logic from OK! just makes us sad: "It's been only a few weeks since Jennifer Lawrence broke it off with Nicholas Hoult, but Kristen moves fast. Kristen, who stars as Nicholas's lover in their upcoming film Equals, is making her move ... K-Stew is sweet on Nick. This is so low-class from Jennifer's point of view. As far as she's concerned, she and Nicholas are just on a break."

2. Kristen and Rob Will Hook Up in Venice cooked up an elaborate fantasy for the Robsten hopefuls in which the actors, who don't have any films at the Venice International Film Festival, will show up anyway. Both for shmoozing and because the press won't be expecting them there, so they'll have plenty of opportunities to meet up. (Er, if they want privacy, they could, perhaps, meet up in a non-festival-like situation?)

3. Kristen Was Addicted to Rob

In Stewart's interview with Vanity Fair France, she talks about how good it is to "jibe" with her costars. "As you mentioned I've been really lucky and the good experiences have definitely outweighed the not as euphoric experiences. But, yes, I know the difference. When it's good it's f---ing like a drug." Obviously this means she's still in love with Rob and not talking about her 100 other costars.

4. The Breakup Made Rob an Alcoholic

Star magazine this week has a story about how Rob is laying off the sauce and asking friends not to drink near him. “Rob had a hard time adjusting to fame and his breakup with Kristen [Stewart], and he turned to alcohol to numb it all,” a source told the tabloid. Gossip Cop, friend to publicists the world over, says this is not at all true and Rob is just a moderate drinker. 

5. Never Mind, Rob's Got a "Mystery Girl"

Maybe he's not drinking, but he is walking into restaurants in New York City where alcohol is being served! And sometimes he does this with pals like Tom Sturridge and actual women whom the paparazzi don't recognize. We know from experience, lunch at Gemma can be really, really exciting. Those paninis are off the hook.

What's your favorite (and least favorite) Rob and Kristen rumor of the month?

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