Khloe Kardashian May Have Been Dumped for Heartbreaking Reason

Khloe Kardashian

Let’s file this one in the lame jerk folder. It looks as though French Montana might have broken Khloe Kardashian’s heart. Rumor has it that the rapper broke up with his reality television star girlfriend for the worst possible reason.

Of course it’s not them breaking up that surprises us (Khloe’s made it clear that their relationship was no more than a fling), but it's French Montana’s particular timing that has us giving him some major side-eye here.


Rumor has it that French broke things off after agreeing to appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and collecting a pretty hefty paycheck for it, too. Apparently, that’s where things started to go downhill for the couple. Execs at E! thought they were paying way too much money for him to be on the show. A source says:

The way that the Kardashians' [show] is set up is very unusual. It's the only show that I know of where a producer can say, 'Here's the cast and this is what they're getting paid.' Usually to add a cast member to a show, you'd have to fire a cast member to keep the budget balanced. But in this case, Kris just offered French Montana a check to be in the show. He's expensive, and some people at E! just don't think he's worth the money. I've heard execs moaning about it, saying, 'We're just paying so much for him!'

So, just because the show couldn’t afford him, French did what any loser would do and that’s get up and leave. Needless to say, that was a very jerkish move of him to do, even if Khloe wasn’t very invested in the relationship. No matter how she justifies this, no woman wants to feel that your boyfriend only used you for your money. That's gotta hurt for her big time.

While it sucks that Koko has such a crappy record with men, there’s gotta be someone out there that will treat her with the respect she deserves.

Do you think French Montana used Khloe?

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