Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Making Sexy New Movie Together

angelina jolie brad pittAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have transcended into our own version of royalty -- they are that incredible couple who can do no wrong and have a million kids and make it look effortless and amazing. They hold hands and give each other sweet looks and we all sigh. Despite any rocky roads that we went through in the past (ahem, Jennifer Aniston), everyone (well almost everyone and most definitely not Aniston) is in love with Brangelina. Which is why the latest on the dynamic duo is so worrisome.

Brad and Angie are are making a new movie together.


It's been 10 dazzling years since the duo who were most definite not a couple at the time were in Mr. and Mrs. Smith together. Brad was with Jen, and Angie was merely a co-star in his movie. As we all know she became the co-star in his life. So now they are going to make this movie together as a couple. It's worrisome. Is it a kiss of death? These two can't argue on set which leads to a breakup. That is just not allowed to happen. We're so invested in them now. But get this ... it's going to be sexy. Super sexy. Beyond sexy. We are going to be getting a glimpse into their sex life. That is the secret to success!

What in the world is this world coming to?!?! It's like our dreams coming true.

Someone who supposedly knows something has spilled the beans and said that there will be some "crazy sex scenes" in this movie. I'll take a ticket for that film, please. It's called By the Sea and not set to come out until next year, but filming (aka practice for these sex scenes) begins in September. Angie is the writer and director. Wow! Let's hope all is fine during filming. Of course it has to be if there are steamy sex scenes. How in the heck do you film a "pretend" steamy sex scene with the person you already have sex with? Ooooohhhh right. There is no pretending. When Ange calls "action" it's ACTION!

What do you think? Should these two do a movie together or not? Can you believe they are filming sexy scenes, too?


Image via Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

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