Scott Disick May Have Fallen Off the Wagon

Scott DisickOh man! Just when we thought Scott Disick was finally getting his act together, we're hearing rumors that his recent sobriety is just that -- an act. After a bout of alcohol poisoning earlier this summer, it seemed as though Lord Disick had sworn off booze for the duration of Kourtney Kardashian's third pregnancy, but according to a source, he's fallen off the wagon.

An eyewitness dished to In Touch that Scott is back to his old partying ways, and Kourt is one unhappy woman about it, and asks him every day to stop drinking. The whole family, in fact, has reportedly been begging him to go to rehab.


On the night of August 16, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was allegedly caught partying hard and getting "completely wasted," the night before his appearance at Foxwoods Resorts Casino.

"He and a friend partied at Foxwoods' Shrine nightclub," an insider revealed. "He got completely wasted -- blackout drunk -- again." The next day at the event, he looked "exhausted and rough ... it was like he was hungover."

Huh, and here we thought he was just looking miserable recently since sobriety is no fun for a former hardcore partier.

Apparently his baby mama is upset that he's back on the sauce, and afraid for what it means for their family of soon-to-be five. "Kourtney is scared that if he doesn’t get help he could end up dead," the source said, adding that she "asks him daily to go to rehab" and "can’t take it anymore."

"He’s drinking every single day," the source continued. "he drinks vodka martinis on the rocks, so people assume he’s drinking water … the whole family thinks she should go to rehab ... maybe he really wanted to stop cold turkey, but he can’t."

We really hope these reports aren't true, but if they are that Scott gets the help he needs to kick his drinking habit.

Do you think Scott Disick should go to rehab?


Image via Scott Disick/Instagram

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