Prince Harry & Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow's Romance Takes a Serious Turn

Prince Harry

Hmm. After the news broke that he's dating again, most of us assumed he was simply having a rebound romance after his split from Cressida Bonas earlier this year. But after hearing that Prince Harry took Camilla Thurlow on a cruise in Saint-Tropez with a few of his pals? It's quite obvious that their relationship is going in a serious direction.

According to US Weekly, they sailed off on August 23, and the trip was part of Harry's 30th birthday celebration. He also supposedly needed some time off to "recharge his batteries," and there's really no better place to do that than on a luxury yacht.


The fact that Harry had no qualms about traveling with Camilla is definitely an indication that things are going well between them. An insider says, "It's a sign that he's really smitten with Camilla that he feels comfortable to invite her away with friends he's known for years."

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And while Harry and Camilla have only been officially seeing each other for a few weeks, we can't help but wonder if this little sailing trip will speed up their relationship even more.

Oh come on, aren't you dying for Harry to bite the bullet and settle down with a nice girl already? I mean, I know he's only 29 (until September 15), but still, it will be such a shame if another 5 or 10 years go by until he's finally hitched.

Who doesn't love a royal wedding? It's high time that we were "invited" to another one, so let's hope Har is falling head over heels in love with Cam and will get a move on and put a ring on it at some point in the next year or so.

I'm not saying we should get the tea and finger sandwiches ready just yet, but we can at least indulge in daydreaming about Harry greeting his bride-to-be as she walks down the aisle at Westminster Abbey.

(OMG. Prince George is SO gonna be the ring bearer.)

Do you think Harry will wind up marrying Camilla?


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