Proposed ‘Twilight’ Ban May Be Most Ridiculous Law Ever


In today’s dose of WTF news, it looks like someone out there is trying to ban Twilight books from library shelves in Texas. Apparently, the books are being deemed as “too demonic” and they shouldn’t be in the young adult section of libraries due to their graphic and sexual tone. Uh ... ok. It looks like someone is about a decade late in their argument here.


In what I’m sure a lot of people will view as another tired debate, Pastor Phillip Missick of Cleveland has asked the Austin Memorial Library to remove the Twilight series from its branch.

I understand they have the right to these books, but I also have a right to complain about them. This is dark. There’s a sexual element. You have creatures that aren’t human. I think it’s dangerous for our kids.

What's next? Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?

First off, the Twilight series has been around for almost a decade now and they are not going away anytime soon. Second, we’re talking about a public library here, not a church. If the pastor felt the need to ban the books at his own building, then so be it, but to demand they be banned in a public library is utterly bizarre. If we’re going to be banning books about vampires, we might as well be crossing off Harry Potter too. This pastor is missing his mark here, big time.

I mean, if we want to be completely honest, the only thing that I’d call demonic is Kristen Stewart’s acting skills in those movies (ha!). It’s called fiction-writing, people. Move on!

What do you think of the proposed Twilight book ban?

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