Kendra Wilkinson's Mom Betrays Her Almost As Badly As Hank Did

Kendra Wilkinson

It's hard to think of a celebrity who is having a tougher time of it right now than Kendra Wilkinson. Poor gal's husband, Hank Baskett, cheated on her with a transsexual while she was eight months pregnant (supposedly -- they still haven't confirmed this, but c'mon). And if that wasn't bad enough, she's back on the outs with her mother, Patti. And if the interview Patti gave to RadarOnline is any indication, this may be the last that Kendra and her mom ever speak to each other!


After the cheating scandal broke, Patti rushed to Kendra's side to console her and help with the kids, and things were looking up for them. But then something happened, and it was all back to square one. Patti began complaining on social media that Kendra wouldn't speak to her anymore. We didn't know what went down, but now we have Patti's version of events.

According to Patti, Kendra began to act cold to her when news leaked that she had thrown her wedding and engagement ring into the toilet. Despite Kendra being surrounded by camera crews (maybe they weren't there for that exact moment, though we hope they were), she blames Patti for the leak.

Patti told RadarOnline:

It was like a switch flipped. I didn’t [tell the meida]! I told her that it had to have been someone in her inner circle, but she didn’t believe me. She became very short with me and began pushing me away again. As a mom, I feel very used. I’ve asked her, 'Why do you hate me?' and she doesn’t answer.

If her mom was the first person Kendra suspected of leaking this bit of information, then it's obvious there is very little trust on Kendra's end regarding her mom. Whether or not her mom is responsible, who knows, but I doubt she would have blamed her if there had been a sufficient degree of trust there. And complaining about private matters on social media and then giving an interview to a gossip site is, I'm imagining, part of the reason there is no trust!

Patti then goes on to say that Kendra prioritizes the show over everything -- even their relationship. But, hey, this is Kendra's job. She has two children, and may be without a husband soon, and needs to pay the bills. Unless Patti plans to step up and help her out financially (doubtful), then she needs to shut up and let the girl do what she needs to do to put food on the table.

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Patti says Kendra's "priorities are messed up," but one could say the same about her. After all, why was it important to go to the press with her tale of woe about their relationship?

Do you think Kendra is right or wrong to blame her mom?


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