'Below Deck' Recap: Andrew Sturby Should Be Fired

below deck

Tonight on Below Deck, the truth was revealed! And by 'truth' I mean 'things we all knew were true but reserve the right to be furious about anyway.' Andrew Sturby admitted to Captain Lee that he lied on his resume. It turns out the dude has ZERO BOAT EXPERIENCE. The entire at-home viewing audience bellowed "DUH" at this revelation. Clearly Andrew is incompetent and has been from day one.

The real shock of the episode came when Captain "Plane Ticket Home" Lee ... didn't send Andrew home! He let the dude stay on! His punishment? He had to share the truth of his lies (True Lies, good movie, maybe Andrew should remake it -- no, never mind that is a terrible idea) with his fellow crewmates. LAME. LAME! That is not a punishment, it's just a surefire way to infuriate the people he works with, who already don't like him very much to begin with! 


The end of the episode was a total cliffhanger though. Andrew's fate was secure during the charter itself because the gang was short-handed, but now that the guests have left the boat, who knows what will happen. It was clear by the episode's end that unless the Captain booted Andrew, people were fit to mutiny -- pirate-style!

Ben wanted to maroon Andrew, which, I'll be real, I didn't even know was a real thing unless you were Johnny Depp. Jennice was beyond furious at the notion that Andrew would be making the same amount of a tip as she would be making given that he did zero work and lied his butt off. But the biggest potential for drama? Kelley outright telling Eddie that if Andrew didn't get fired, he was walking. Duuuuuuude, this is intense! Below Deck, why aren't you just on all the time? My heart can't take it. 

What do you think Captain Lee will do with Andrew?


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