Khloe Kardashian's Boyfriend French Montana Is Being Paid to Date Her

Khloe Kardashian & French Montana

We all want nothing more than for Khloe Kardshian to finally be happy and in love like she deserves to be, but after hearing that French Montana is being paid for Keeping Up With the Kardashians appearances? Yeah. It's hard not to wonder if his feelings for Khloe go beyond the allure of a hefty paycheck.

Wait ... it gets worse. Supposedly French earning cash in exchange for airtime isn't the E! network's doing.

Nope. Apparently Kris Jenner is the one who promised him that he'd be paid, which is causing all sorts of tension for network executives.


A source told the New York Daily News:

The way that the Kardashians’ (show) is set up is very unusual. It's the only show that I know of where a producer can say, 'Here's the cast and this is what they're getting paid. Usually to add a cast member to a show, you'd have to fire a cast member to keep the budget balanced. But in this case, Kris just offered French Montana a check to be in the show.

Apparently the folks over at E! think he's way too pricey, which is where the problems are coming in.

But let's forget about how much cash E! is forking over to keep things interesting on camera. Isn't anyone worried about how this might affect Khloe?

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I hate to say it, but it almost sounds like Kris is paying French to stay in Khloe's life for the sake of TV ratings or something. And while that's definitely not a move anyone would put past her, it's pretty darn low if it's truly the case.

And as far as French is concerned, if he has no qualms about receiving paychecks simply for being seen with Khloe, it does lead us to believe he's using her to gain an extra 15 minutes of fame. And he does not have any intention of being in a lasting relationship with her.

Sigh. Unfortunately, given who her family is and what she does for a living, Khloe should probably always have her guard up around men. Until French puts a ring on it and makes things official (once she's divorced), it's impossible to know what his true intentions with her are.

But for her sake, let's hope he's accepting paychecks because Kris is insisting on them, not because he has ulterior motives with Khloe. That poor girl has already been through more heartache than anyone deserves.

Do you think French is using Khloe for fame and fortune?


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