Kim Kardashian Posts Pic Without Hair Extensions & It’s Unbeweavable (PHOTO)

kim kardashian

If there's one thing the Kardashian sisters love, it's hair extensions. All three of the ladies -- Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe -- typically can always be seen sporting long, luscious locks that aren't all their own. In fact, sometimes we'll see one of the girls go from short, thinnish hair to long, thicker hair in a matter of a day. But in the case of Kim, it's incredibly rare to see her without any help in the hair department. And if she is going to go out without a weave in, she usually wears her hair up in a bun. Until now.

Kim recently shared a photo of herself -- with her hair down and done -- sans extensions. And I've gotta say, she looks really good. She should go weaveless more often.


Yep. Apparently, Kim didn't wear any hair extensions to the MTV VMAs on Sunday night. The reality star captioned the Instagram photo she posted, "Last nights glam -- peachy fresh make up ... soft waves no extensions ..." Wow, right? I would have thought, for sure, that Kim's hair was in worse shape, due to all the wear and tear it experiences on a regular basis. And, actually, we saw the wear and tear Kim experienced from hair extensions once -- and with the risk of sounding rude, it wasn't pretty.

Kim definitely ought to go extensionless more than she does. Her hair looks fantastic here and much more natural and soft than when it's down to her waist and super thick.

Now ... think she'll show us a pic without her lash extensions?

Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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