Bruce Jenner Is Furious That His Most 'Womanly' Behavior Has Been Exposed

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner is rumored to be harboring a major secret under his pants -- and it's not that he turned into a woman, though this isn't that far off from that. It's that apparently the former Olympic champ wears Spanx! A source told OK! magazine that Bruce, who has sparked rumors that he's transforming into a woman, wears the Spanx because he's embarrassed by his belly -- NOT because he wants to wear woman's undies. Um, okay, Bruce. If you say so.


The source says:

He started wearing them under his suits on the red carpet, and he loved the results so much that now he wears them all the time.

But then he went and told that blabbermouth Kris about it, and she in turn apparently told their daughters. Ugh, that's so wrong. However, I can see how that would have been a difficult secret to keep. Now Bruce is "furious" that Kris revealed his gut-busting secret and that the girls "haven't stopped laughing."

Yeesh, no wonder these two got separated. First off, a husband who wears Spanx isn't exactly sexy. Secondly, if your spouse can't keep a secret -- especially one so embarrassing -- then there's going to be trouble.

But apparently none of this is about Bruce's rumored penchant for cross-dressing -- and it's just about keeping his belly in check. Says the source:

He wants people to think that he's still ripped.

Dang, Bruce. You totally had us fooled!

Anyway, Spanx is nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace it, buddy. You've put up with Kris all these years, you deserve to wear what you want.

But shame on you, Kris, for spilling Brucie's secret. Tsk, tsk!


Image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment

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