Jennifer Aniston's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Features an All Too Willing Justin Theroux (VIDEO)

jennifer anistonIs this the spazziest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge you've ever seen? Jennifer Aniston took the challenge, and her fiance Justin Theroux was the one to do the honors by pouring a ton of cold water on the actress's gorgeous head. And it's pretty much something you simply have to see.

It's always a tad jarring to see celebrities doing the same thing you and your family and friends have been doing the past few weeks, isn't it? They're human beings too! Well, most of the time.

And you have to give Jennifer props for making a donation and encouraging her fans to do the same. She really is the cutest. Her reaction to getting all that icy cold water poured on her head is hilarious, and Justin's sweet kiss at the end makes it all worth it.


First, with the help of Jimmy Kimmel, Justin completed the challenge on August 23. Then he nominated Jennifer!

Jen of course had to adorably respond.

She seemed so nervous! And gotta love the glasses she was rockin'.

Plus, they seemed to do the whole thing inside. Like, um, not in the bathtub or shower. What the heck is up with that? Is that a deck? I'm kind of confused. Forgive me, it's Monday, after all.

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Well, if there were any breakup rumors churning regarding these two (aren't there always?), these videos should put that all to rest. Theroux proposed on his 41st birthday in August 2012, and we're waiting with bated breath to hear about any upcoming wedding plans.

While we're waiting, we can only hope that Jennifer's famous friends step up to the challenge as well. Would love to see Chelsea Handler's take on an Ice Bucket Challenge!

Please support this great cause and donate to the ALS Association!

What do you think of Jennifer's Ice Bucket Challenge?


Image via Angela George/Wikimedia

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