JWoww Calls Herself a 'Plain Jane Mom' & Posts Makeup-Free Selfie (PHOTO)

If there's one word that most certainly doesn't come to mind when we hear the name "JWoww," it's "plain." The new mom always looks fabulous and glam and, well, you can't blame some people for speculating whether she's had just the teeniest bit of surgical help in achieving an impossible postpartum glow.

For as long as she's been a celeb, Jenni has been under scrutiny for her body and face. Most recently, Radar Online published a few pics of the star and insisted her "pillowy" face was not from post-baby weight, but from too many fillers and botox injections.

Meilani's mommy didn't sit by and let that rumor go. Instead, she took to Instagram and posted a totally makeup-free selfie to show us that she's just a "plain Jane mom" -- her words, not mine!


Jenni posted the following message alongside this photo: "Very flattered radar online that u think I had all that work done but I'm just a plain jane mom with wrinkles without makeup...But kudos to u and ur site awesome material...very riveting"

Okay, I'll admit I wondered if she had injections because her skin has looked ridiculously flawless in certain photos snapped right after the birth of her baby. But can we all calm down and remember that Jenni is only 28? So, yes, it's completely possible that she gained weight during pregnancy and that it affected her face.

I'm not sure where JWoww sees wrinkles -- even a 10-year-old would have lines on her forehead if she scrunched her face up like this -- and as for calling herself "plain," well, no. Just no. She looks adorable and, judging by this one photo, I'm guessing Meilani lets her enjoy a full eight hours of sleep. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a new mom that looks this fresh.

I guess what I'm saying is: Jenni, if you had any outside help at all in keeping those undereye circles at bay, kindly email me your doctor's name and I will not tell a soul. And if you didn't, I hate you. We all hate you. But, you know, in the most loving way possible.

Do you think JWoww has had plastic surgery?


Images via jennijwowwmtv/Instagram


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