8 Most Cringeworthy Emmy Awards Acceptance Speeches (VIDEOS)

The Emmy Awards are coming up on Monday, and we can look forward to lots of TV stars getting the recognition celebrities so rarely get in today's society, what with everyone totally preoccupied by what the Federal Reserve is doing and the plight of the Atossa fritillary butterfly (almost extinct, as we all know!). Thank goodness there is a place where unsung TV stars can finally get some attention, sheesh! Of course, I am joking. Celebs get plenty of attention and far too many of awards. But we keep watching because it's fun! And someone might give a really bad, humiliating speech and we can laugh about it. Like these. Here are eight most embarrassing Emmy speeches.


1. Jon Stewart. In his Emmy speech for The Daily Show winning Best Performance in the Variety category, which he'd won a bunch of times before, Jon Stewart came to the mic completely out of breath from some bit with Jimmy Fallon. He could hardly speak, floundered around, and then finally dropped the F-bomb.

Video via KyrylTube/YouTube

2. Julie Louis-Dreyfus. In her acceptance speech for VEEP, Julie Louis-Dreyfus seems to have somehow mixed-up her speech with that of Amy Poehler, who lost for Parks & Recreation. Guess those gals had been comparing speeches at the Emmy open bar beforehand! (And yeah, this was a joke, we assume.)

Video via Alon Shildkraut/YouTube

3. Kathy Griffin. Kathy caused quite a ruckus when she accepted her award for My Life on the D-List by saying that Jesus had nothing to do with her win and telling him to "Suck it!"

Video via Newsjog/YouTube

4. Merritt Wever. Depending on who you ask, Merritt Wever's speech for Nurse Jackie is either the best ever or the worst. Either way, it's got to be the shortest.

Video via Emmy Awards 2013/YouTube

5. Tina Fey. Tina Fey's speech was fine, but it's her wardrobe that made this one so embarrassing. What a time to have a nip slip!

Video via Theresa Hill/YouTube

6. Sally Field. Already famous for her "You really like me!" speech at the Oscars, Sally Field amazingly managed to replicate the cringe-factor when she began screaming at the audience to quiet down, but then forgot her speech, babbled incoherently, and finally yelled that there would be no wars if mothers ruled the world.

Video via oldiousnei/YouTube

7. Valerie Harper. Accepting her award for The Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970, Valerie Harper kept talking into her trophy rather than the microphone, despite being corrected by Lucille Ball.

Video via Taylor/YouTube

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8. Ricky Gervais. There's no more embarrassing speech than not giving it, and having someone else take your award. Ricky Gervais made the mistake of not showing for the 2007 awards, where he won for Extras. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart decided to give his award away to Steve Carrell, who plays the character he originated in The Office. Ricky, however, grabbed his Emmy back the next year.

Video via paperserenade/YouTube

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