Kristen Stewart's Ice Bucket Challenge Is Totally Dirty! (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartIt's official that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over the planet -- at this point, who do you know who hasn't done it? And celebrities have joined it, with tons of them filming themselves pouring ice water over their heads to raise awareness and money for ALS, a devastating nerve cell disease. Robert Pattinson recently did a hilarious challenge -- and pretty hot, too, check out those abs under that soaking wet white T-shirt -- so it's only fair that Kristen Stewart (whom he did not nominate, boo) steps up next!


KStew did the challenge with Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence's ex. The two are starring in The Equals together, and also rumored to be dating, but of course they are. (Doubtful she would appear in a video with him if that were true.)

Kristen, in her ladylike way, introduces the stunt as a "fucking real challenge" and then she and Nic and pal Scott Fahrendorf dunk their heads in buckets of water.

The catch? Kristen gives a little speech at the end saying what they'd just dunked their heads into ... and it's different! Check it out:

Sooooo, that's nice and all, but kind of gross? I hope it was their own dirty bath water.

But, seriously, the one thing that has bugged me about this challenge (which The Stir did as well -- with me safely behind the bucket, bwahaha!) is all the wasted water! There are children in Africa with NO water and here we are, pouring it over our heads.

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So it's responsible of Kristen to remind people to conserve water. Thanks, KStew! But too bad you didn't nominate Taylor Lautner.

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