Jailed Man Claims to Be Scott Weiland, Police Believe Him for FOUR WEEKS

Scott Weiland
Planning on getting busted for robbing a Beverly Hills drugstore while you've got an illegal substance in your pocket? Just identify yourself to the police as "former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland," because apparently you can do so and NO ONE will actually verify this information.

That's pretty much exactly what happened when a 44-year-old man named Jason Michael Hurley claimed to be Weiland after his arrest back in July. In fact, I'm not sure anyone would have figured out the mix-up if TMZ hadn't reported that Weiland was in jail -- prompting Weiland to issue a grumpy video statement from his recording studio, assuring TMZ they'd be hearing from his attorneys for their "nice piece of fiction."


In TMZ's defense, it sounds like they were reporting the facts as the police had presented them: a man claiming to be former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland had been arrested on July 26 for shoplifting razors. While police were searching him, they found he was carrying an insulated bag that wouldn't set off theft detectors -- oh, and he had some meth, too. So the charges were upped to burglary and possession of a controlled substance, and "Scott Weiland" was put behind bars.

TMZ broke the story, which included a Beverly Hills PD written statement titled "Celebrity Arrest," which read, in part, "The suspect, former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland (46 years of age), was taken into custody ..." That's when the real Weiland posted this Facebook video:

"I've actually been touring, writing, and recording my new album," Weiland said. "All I have to say to our fans is, whether you found it funny, or interesting or whether you were sad, don't worry. Don't fret."

TMZ checked with BHPD, who initially stuck to the story, saying they'd done a "physical check" on the inmate. (Whaaaa? How would that -- oh, never mind.) Late Thursday night police finally realized the man they had in custody was Jason Michael Hurley, who was identified through belated FBI fingerprint analysis.

So Hurley was able to fool police and jail staff for WEEKS before Weiland himself prompted them to investigate further. How in the world does this happen? Apparently Hurley will now also be charged with furnishing false information to a police officer, but I hope the police involved are charged with something as well. Like, oh, "not doing their damn jobs" or "looking like complete idiots now that this story has gone public."

Are you surprised this guy got away with claiming to be a random rock star?

Image via scottweiland/Instagram

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