Kim Kardashian's Weird Waist-Cinching Corset Actually Looks Dangerous (PHOTO)

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Well, this is certainly ... different. Kim Kardashian, who's no stranger to taking selfies, posted a photo of herself to Instagram in a weird waist-cinching device that makes her look, literally, like a cartoon character. She captioned the incredibly odd photo, "#hourglass #waisttraining #nophotoshopnecessary"

I googled "what a waist," and although there's not much information on it, it appears to be a corset type of thing one can wear to make their waist "instantly look 2-3 sizes smaller."

Okay, cool, but ... does Kim really need her waist to look two to three sizes smaller? This photo is kind of freaking me out! Check it out:


I'm guessing Kim is just plugging her friend's company or something here, because she really does not need to invest in one of these. Her waist is fine as is. In fact, it would be rather unsettling if this was her actual waist size. She's a beautiful woman, but her body looks way too much like Jessica Rabbit's here.

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Kim seems to have a little bit of an obsession with her body and losing weight lately. She's admitted on Twitter and Instagram numerous times to wanting to lose weight and not feeling good about the current state of her figure (which seems bat-crap crazy to most). She seemed to take a little break from all the body talk, but this photo is slightly concerning. Hopefully, she doesn't think she looks good like this. Not only is this a totally unrealistic figure to want, it sends a really bad message to the millions of young girls who idolize her. Kim, stay how you are, please.

What do you think of Kim's "waist-cinching" pic?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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