Justin Bieber Shaving His Moustache Is a Good First Step (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber shaves his mustache

Justin Bieber is in the news again. Of course, by "in the news," I mean "on Instagram doing something alarming." The Biebs has shaved off his infamous 'stache. If you didn't get a peek of Bieber with his light-colored, sparse facial hair, consider yourself lucky. It was less of a mustache and more of just the idea of one. If you put a cat on his face, it would probably have licked the mustache right off of his person. Now THAT'S a video I'd watch! 

Sadly, no kittens were involved in the video Justin shared of himself shaving off his 'stache. The dude used some sort of vibrating razor (giggity) and showed himself (poorly) removing the facial hair from his person. He seemed kind of sad (albeit in a playful way #youknowbiebs) about banishing the 'stache. So it leads me to wonder -- what made him decide to get rid of it? Could a certain laaaaaady (*cough* Selena Gomez *cough*) have requested it? 


Maybe he didn't remove the errant follicles for love, maybe he did it for an even better reason -- maybe Justin is trying to prove that he's growing up, that he wants to be less annoying, more law-abiding, and a better role-model. I mean, I doubt this is the case, but let's be real, removing your annoying barely there mustache is the first decent thing this dude has done in a while. I will admit that I am probably getting my hopes up.

I like the idea of living in a world where Bieber is a decent person. I mean, I don't know what that world looks like, and it confuses and frightens me as the unknown often does, but can you imagine? As it stands now, every time I read a news item about the dude, I am all like: 

I don't want to live on this planet anymore future gif

Maybe this incident in Ibiza with Orlando Bloom was so intense that the Biebs has to admit to even himself that "annoying bratty Bieber" has jumped the shark. Maybe he's trying on a new, decent persona. I mean, he DID do the ALS challenge, right? So he's not a total monster. Fingers crossed he's growing up. 

Why do you think Justin lost the mustache?


Image via Instagram

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