'Bachelor' Star Nikki Ferrell Shares Her 'Mugshot' -- WHAT?!

nikki ferrell juan pablo galavis

It looks like Nikki Ferrell has been settling into a pretty regular life with boo Juan Pablo Galavis after their Bachelor season. But judging from her latest Instagram picture, it looks like she's had just a little bit too much fun, because girl is looking very "criminal" in her "mugshot."

Seriously, check out the photo below and tell me she's not looking a little scandalous:


Totally looks legit, right? But fear not, Bachelor nation. The pediatric nurse didn't go and get herself booked and jailed for any wild crime. She's staying on the straight and narrow and the whole thing is one big lol-worthy moment.

Plus, it all makes a little more sense with the caption:

Looking kinda like a criminal in my new passport photos. Yes, I know I need my roots done thank you. #balibound #vacationmode

All right, all right, all right. So these are just her passport photos and not an actual jail mugshot. But her fierce stare game is on point. Seriously, that slightly pouty and "smizing" mug is no joke.

It's a sassy pic and all, but mostly we're just jealous of that hashtag: #balibound. Um. That sounds glorious. Will Juan Pabs be joining? Can't wait for those pics.

Are you a fan of Juan Pablo and Nikki?


Image via juanpagalavis/Instagram

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