Robert Pattinson's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Weird But Hot (VIDEO)

We realize the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is important because it promotes awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. We understand it's immature to wax poetic about how hot Robert Pattinson recently looked in a wet T-shirt when the focus should be on how cool he is for accepting the challenge and getting scores of people to do the same thanks to his efforts.

But hot damn, there's no denying this video shows the Twilight star in all his soaking-wet glory AND it's one of the funniest celeb ALS Ice Bucket Challenges we've seen so far.


While Robert possesses charm and superb muscle definition in his arms and chest, he apparently lacked a bucket and enough ice to do the ALS challenge justice after his buddy Zac Efron nominated him.

No worries -- that's what good friends are for! After the actor poured a teeny weeny pot of, like, six ice cubes over his head, he was then bombarded by ice being hurled at him by friends -- as well as water straight from a garden hose and plastic cups.

HA! He has a great sense of humor because he just giggled and took it all in stride. He then nominated Maps to the Stars co-star Mia Wasikowska, Guy Pearce, and -- my favorite -- Marilyn Manson!

If you're only going to watch one ALS Ice Bucket Challenge vid, let this one be it:

What do you think of Robert's Ice Bucket Challenge?

Please support this great cause and donate to the ALS Association!


Image via Getty Images

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