Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Break Up After Huge Fight While On Vacation

michelle rodriguezI cannot believe my eyes and ears -- Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron have reportedly broke up after a huge fight while they were on vacation in Ibiza. This is as shocking as the Jay Z and Beyonce or Mariah and Nick Cannon divorce rumors.

Okay, that's a lie. I think everyone saw this break up coming -- everyone except Zac Efron who is (if we believe the whispers) completely heartbroken.


The pair who first began dating back in July shocked the world when they were spotted together. They just seemed so unlikely to be a couple. Zac is a pretty boy and 26 years old. The sultry Michelle is 36 and just seemed like a too strong-willed kind of woman to be with a guy like Zac. But what do I know? I should base such opinions just because the guy was in High School Musical, right? We can't help who we fall in love with -- sometimes pairings leave us scratching our heads and wondering how in the heck did those two hook up? But it works! It can be magic. Sometimes.

Well, sadly (especially for Zac), what I thought was the inevitable happened. It's over. While in Ibiza, Spain, Zachelle had a huge fight. Zachelle sounds awful so I'll never use that again. How terrible to get into a fight while on vacation! Vacations are supposed to be the time you drink too many fruity drinks, take long walks on the beach, and spend all day making love. Clearly this wasn't happening for them and now they're done. Sources are saying that Michelle wants to do her own thing. But Zac is "very into her though, and perhaps more than she's into him."

Poor guy. I'll bet he'll recover nicely though. Isn't Taylor Swift single? I've been hoping for that pairing for years.

Did you see this break up coming?


Image via Michelle Rodriguez/Flickr

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