'Bachelor in Paradise' Contestant Sent to Hospital But It's Not Who You Think

bachelor in paradise

Just when you thought The Bachelor couldn’t get any more dramatic, this right here brings crazy reality television antics to a whole new level.

Apparently, Bachelor in Paradise contestant AshLee Frazier gets so love sick for Graham Bunn that she ends up in the hospital ... at least that’s what the show’s producers want us to believe.


According to a BIP preview, AshLee tries to give her rose to Graham who allegedly exits the show. AshLee then has a huge case of DRAMA-itis when she runs into the pitch black night. And of course, you’ve got Chris Harrison saying this along with a clip involving an ambulance:

Paradise turns into hell ... With a shocking ending that everyone will be talking about.

OMG, you guys. I don’t think I can deal with all of this suspense!

But seriously, the producers for this show deserve a lot of credit for their editing process. According to Reality Steve, the scene is nothing more than some really clever editing to make us believe that AshLee ended up in the ER, when in actuality something else happened instead:

The shot of AshLee at the rose ceremony saying Graham’s name and then him walking off is, shockingly, just editing. Before AshLee even says Graham’s name at the rose ceremony, Graham walks off set because he feels sick. He eventually comes back, she asks if he’ll accept her rose, and he does.

Steve also adds that it was actually Lacy Faddoul who was sent to the hospital after she got sick from either dehydration of food poisoning. Talk about misleading viewers, right?

Do you think AshLee really did go crazy after Graham walked out, or are the show’s editors doing one heck of a job by misleading the fans?

Image via ABC

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