9 Stars Who've Bared It ALL for the Movies (PHOTOS)

Kiri Blakeley | Aug 19, 2014 Celebrities
9 Stars Who've Bared It ALL for the Movies (PHOTOS)

Celebrities live for the day when they can collect an Oscar. But before that, they've got to pay some dues. Sometimes that means going naked in a movie. Other times, celebs who have been pigeon-holed into a certain "good" type use their nakedness to be seen as more "edgy." Others (cough Kate Winlset cough) seem to take it all off whenever they get the chance.

Whatever the reason, plenty of A-list stars have shown it all on camera. You'd never expect some of them. Here are nine stars who've bared it all for art.

  • Katie Holmes


    Richie Buxo / Splash News

    Katie Holmes is now uber-mom to Suri, but back in the day, she played a sexy vixen who bared it all in a dramatic scene with Greg Kinnear in 2000's The Gift. I don't know about you, but did momhood seem to shrink Katie's assets? Anyway ...

  • Kate Winslet


    Dave J Hogan/Getty Images Entertainment

    Kate Winslet has done more nude scenes than most actresses, including baring her impressive bust in The Titanic and full frontal in The Reader, Iris, and Holy Smoke. Yet she claims to be shy about her body. Harumph! Sure, Kate.

  • Michael Fassbender


    James Higgins / Splash News

    Few women, and probably few men, will forget the scene in Shame when Michael Fassbender flaunts his major asset. Woo, not sure who Michael is dating these days (Naomi Campbell?), but ... lucky girl!

  • Sharon Stone



    Sharon Stone became a megastar after her stellar turn as a hottie serial killer in Basic Instinct, and it's easy to see why in the two scenes where she bares it all. Especially that interrogation scene! She also took it all off in The Specialist, in which she gets down and dirty with Sylvester Stallone. She really did pay her dues, that one.

  • Scarlett Johansson


    James Whatling / Splash News

    Scarlett Johansson stripped down for her recent sci-fi flick Under the Skin -- which should have been called All of the Skin. And her bod is just as enviable as you'd imagine!

  • Daniel Radcliffe


    Splash News

    Harry Potter naked?! Yep, Daniel Radcliffe bared it all in the stage production of Equus. And then mostly bared it all in Kill Your Darlings. And, dayum, Harry has grown UP!

  • Julianne Moore


    Christopher Peterson/Splash News

    Julianne Moore proved the carpet matches the drapes in a spectacular scene from Short Cuts in which she argues with her husband while walking around in a shirt that shows, well, everything.

  • Kristin Scott Thomas


    Reimschuessel / Splash News

    Kristin Scott Thomas was Oscar-nominated for her role in The English Patient, but the scene where she shares a steamy naked bath with an equally hot Ralph Fiennes didn't require too much acting, I imagine! Yum!

  • Jason Segel


    Johns PKI/Splash News

    Who can forget the scene where a pathetic Jason Segel gets broken up with while he stands naked as the day he was born in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Talk about awkward.


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