Kendra Wilkinson's Mom Suggests Cheating Scandal Might be Fake

Kendra WilkinsonEver since word got out that Kendra Wilkinson's husband, Hank Baskett, supposedly cheated on her with a transsexual, we've all been wondering, What the HELL?! How? Why? But we've also been wondering: Is it real? After all, kind of hard to believe. Kendra, beautiful, blonde, female. Hank's mistress: Beautiful, brunette, male-ish. I mean, there's a difference. Plus, the two are filming their reality series, Kendra on Top.

So was this all made up for ratings? One person in the know is even wondering herself: Kendra's mom! Patti Wilkinson, who has a tumultuous relationship with her daughter at best, was nevertheless one of the first people Kendra called for help after the cheating scandal broke. But now even she is casting doubt on the whole thing.


First, Patti wrote to someone on Twitter who said to give Kendra a break since she's going through a tough time:

No, she's not. Don't believe everything you read.

Then, when someone asked if the whole cheating thing was fake, she tweeted:

Woah! Sounds like she has her suspicions. Then again, she is also clearly on the outs again with Kendra and might just be lashing out. She also tweeted:

Not sure what happened there, but it doesn't sound like Patti wants to keep things private. Which could be part of the reason Kendra doesn't exactly have a great relationship with her.

Mother/daughter dynamics can be fraught with all kinds of dysfunction, and these two certainly have seen their share.

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But this does make you wonder what she saw that would make her think the whole thing was made up. And if she doesn't think that, and is just saying that, what a crappy ass thing to do!

Do you think Patti is just being mean?


Image via Kendra Wilkinson Baskett Fan Page/Facebook

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