Kim Kardashian Flashes Her Butt in the Most Awkward Way (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

Is it me, or is Kim Kardashian in Mexico pretty much like every other week these days? I mean ... DAMN. It's like she's made a second career out of going on vacation, which is basically the definition of livin' the dream.

And duh, no trip to paradise would be complete without bikini photos showing up on Kim's Instagram page.

Just wait until you see her latest "Everybody please comment about how hot my body is" pic . It's a real doozie, you guys, and it's obvious that Kim positioned herself on the lounge chair in an awkward manner for a very specific reason.


Bam. She may have captioned this shot with, "Let me sleep!" -- but it's clear that she's trying to flash her butt in our faces, and she's not even being subtle about it.

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Seriously, who sleeps like that? She looks totally contorted and uncomfortable. And if she really was catching up on her z's, how did she even know her picture was being taken? Duh. Of course she planned/staged the whole thing.

But I guess she accomplished her mission, because we can't refrain from discussing how fabulous and dimple-free her ass is. Oh come on, wouldn't you kill to have a booty this toned and smooth? It's so perky it almost looks fake. (Wait, what?)

One thing's for sure, Kanye West is probably enjoying this view a lot more than the ocean or palm trees, and odds are good that he was the one behind the camera lens. Snort. He's probably the only person who loves showing off Kim's famous assets even more than she does. (Sad, but true.)

What do you think of Kim's latest bikini shot?


Image via PacificCoastNews

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