Kim Kardashian Takes Selfie in Ridiculous, Unsafe Place (PHOTO)

kim kardashianOne of the reasons we love Kim Kardashian so much is because of how blissfully unaware she is of her narcissism. She's one of the few people alive who doesn't see much wrong with taking over 1,200 selfies in the span of a few days. God bless the woman. But now she's gone and done us one better: She -- well, actually, her friend -- took a selfie in the most ridiculous, kinda dangerous place.

Oh, Kim. What are we gonna do with you? Check out the pic:


Selfie on a jet ski. Gotta love it. And gotta love the fact that, for once, Kim actually posted a photo of herself where she doesn't look 100% perfect. Yeah, it's just that her eyes are shut, but still! Not your usual flawless Kim shot.

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To be honest, the only thing I'm kind of wondering about this photo is ... why did these lovely ladies bring a phone with them on a jet ski? Not sure why one would need one while taking a quick spin around the crystal blue waters of Mexico, and also, isn't there a good chance of losing it in the ocean?

Ah, whatever. What am I saying? I'm nothing but a selfie novice. Wonder where Kim will take a selfie next!

Do you think it's strange to bring your phone with you on a jet ski?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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