Taylor Swift's New Song 'Shake It Off' Isn't About What We Want It to Be (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift

How old I feel. 1989 is officially, like, vintage. Taylor Swift's new album, 1989, the year she was born (OMG!), is dropping soon, and she's released her first single, "Shake It Off." And guess what? It's apparently NOT about shaking off Harry Styles.


The single, which has a definite '80s vibe, is all about learning to shake off gossip -- specifically the kind Taylor is subject to, like, "I go on too many dates, that's what people say, but I can't make 'em stay."

Ha, nice one, Taylor. At least she can joke about herself.

The tune seems to have abandoned her country roots -- but it's catchy enough that it will probably be a hit, and you'll hear it so much you'll want to shake yourself off the planet. (Though in my opinion, it's no "Trouble.") Check it out:

Now where's the song about Harry?!

Do you like it?


Image via TaylorSwift/Instagram

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