Kendra Wilkinson Can’t Wait to Kick Cheating Hank Out of the House

Kendra Wilkinson

Poor Kendra Wilkinson. Not only did her beloved husband, Hank, supposedly cheat on her with a transsexual while she was eight months pregnant, but she desperately wanted to boot him out of the house afterward. Apparently she couldn't because the show must go on. Her show that is -- Kendra on Top. Rumor has it despite wanting to relocate Hank -- preferably with the heel of her shoe -- the two of them have to continue shacking up together for the next couple of months until filming is over.


A source told In Touch:

If it were up to Kendra, she's have him out of the house sooner rather than later. She wants Hank out when filming is over, which is just a month or two more. It's only a matter of time. Having him there is a constant reminder of everything that's happened.

Imagine having to live with someone you despise so you can keep filming your show. Sheesh.

They didn't exactly look cozy on their vacation to Costa Rica either. A picture showed the two of them sitting so far apart from each other at a table during lunch that I'm surprised one of them didn't fall off. Nothing puts a damper on your appetite like sitting with the husband who cheated on you with a transsexual, I guess.

A preview to Kendra's show seemed to confirm the worst -- that this all really happened. Though you do have to wonder if it's all for ratings, can you really imagine Hank entering a writers' meeting and going, "Hey, I got an idea. How about I get caught cheating with a transsexual? That's the ticket."

Yeah, pretty unlikely.

I guess we'll see how much truth there is to all these rumors once the show airs and filming stops. Gah, what was Hank thinking?!

Do you think she should kick him out now?


Image via We TV

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