Katy Perry Gets Piercing & Videotapes It For All to See (WATCH)

katy perryWe've seen a lot of new tattoos on our favorite celebrities -- Miley Cyrus was the latest -- but not many have been getting pierced. Thankfully Katy Perry has changed that.

Ms. Katy, the sweet Dark Horse that she is, got her nose pierced and videotaped it so we could all feel like we were right there with her, holding her hand as that huge needle penetrated her nostril. Check it out.


She shared that the last time she got her nose pierced she did it herself back when she was just 13. She used a safety pin and some ice. Ouch. So this time, she said, she got it professionally done. She ends her quote with "Sorry mom (again)."

 That might be the prettiest nose piercing experience ever. Can't wait to see the nose rings Katy chooses.

Would you ever get your nose pierced? Did this video make you squeamish?


Image via Katy Perry/Instagram

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