Beyonce & Jay Z May Be Trying To Stay Together for Blue Ivy (PHOTOS)

Before most caring parents make the decision to divorce, they sometimes spend an agonizing amount of time discussing what they'll say to their children -- how their decision will affect them and ways they can minimize the negative impact of their split. At the end of the day they have to do what's right for them because, let's face it, kids are smart and will sense our unhappiness if we keep a poisoned relationship going.

Judging by the latest photos Beyonce posted to her website, she and husband Jay Z are either trying to work out their differences, or are putting on two extremely brave faces for the sake of their 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. The singer, who we hear is "done" with her marriage, dressed very much like a single gal and brought her entire family -- including her possibly cheating husband -- to a kart racing track for a little fun.


Despite claims that Beyonce will file for divorce in New York City once their On the Run tour ends in Paris on September 13 and that she has already scouted apartments solo, she and Jay Z are trying to keep things normal for their little girl by taking her on outings together. We aren't sure why Beyonce feels the need to post these pictures on her website, and one has to question if she actually believes these will put an end to all of the speculation that they aren't happy, or if she's really posting them because she loves keeping the rumor mill churning.

Her family trip to the kart racing facility features the singer looking fiercer than ever in a crop top -- it's almost as if she's daring Jay Z to eat his heart out.

Here she is proving that she doesn't just sit on the sidelines:

And, in case you were wondering where Jay Z is, wonder no more:

Are 2-year-old's even allowed to ride around in these karts?

Oh, Beyonce, you continue to distract the public from what is actually going on in your marriage -- and for good reason. Whatever these photos indicate -- a possible reconciliation or simply a family trying to be mature and do what's best for their daughter -- it's none of our business.

Do you think these photos prove Beyonce and Jay Z may not be divorcing?


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