Lena Dunham Brings Back Our Worst '70s Haircut (PHOTO)

If Girls' Lena Dunham changes up her style in any way, chances are good that a whole lot of fashion-forward young women are going to follow suit. This is usually a positive thing because the way she dresses, though quirky at times, is at least original -- what with her adorable clogs and rompers. You prob won't find one single label on this cool chick and, despite how much money she rakes in from her successful show, her look is something any girl with a more modest salary could copy.

Lena took to Instagram recently and posted a photo of herself with a new hairdo. Only, it's actually an old hairdo -- one some of us might recognize from our most embarrassing childhood photos.

Yep, the actress has chopped her brunette locks into a bowl cut -- wait, make that a platinum bowl cut.


Here's the photo Lena posted to her social media account, along with the caption, "change is good:"

Let's address her new hair color first: I have no clue why Lena assumed she'd look good as a platinum blonde, what with her dark eyebrows and eyes, but I think it looks really cute on her! It makes her look ethereal and years younger (not that she's old).

And now the cut: I wouldn't in a gazillion years do this to my own hair, but I appreciate that she is open to taking a cool risk with her appearance. In one snip, she brought back the '70s and managed to look exactly like my big blonde brother did when he was 3. Unlike the "bowl cut" that Miley got a few months ago -- which was really too short to qualify as a proper bowl -- this one hits the nail on its head. It's longer on the sides than Miley's and features some seriously sharp blunt ends.

I don't love it. I don't hate it. I am just kind of sitting back and admiring it on Lena. Of course, it's always possible she's just wearing a wig and putting us all on. Say it ain't so, Lena!

Do you like Lena's bowl cut haircut? Would you ever cut your hair like this?


Images via lenadunham/Instagram


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