Robin Williams' Small, Intimate Funeral May Be Ruined By Angry Protesters

Robin Williams' family is trying to do the right thing by the late actor, who tragically took his own life last week. His loving wife Susan Schneider says she is planning on having a small and "very private" memorial for him in his hometown of San Francisco. Despite the millions of fans who adore him and are mourning the loss of the comedian, Schneider and their children were very private, according to family and friends who knew them, and it seems only fitting that they would close off the funeral to tons of celebs and acquaintances.

Which is why it's even more appalling than usual to learn that the Westboro Baptist Church is planning a protest at Williams' funeral for the most insane reason imaginable: because the actor (awesomely, I will add) played a gay character in the (incredibly awesome) film The Birdcage.


On its official Twitter page, the Kansas-based group announced, "Westboro Baptist Church Hopes To Preach in Lawful Proximity To Robin Williams' Funeral  - To Warn The Living: Repent Or Likewise Perish."


Why do I feel like the group is going to be met by a kind, but take-no-nonsense mob of Robin supporters who aren't going to let them get anywhere near the funeral grounds? When it found out what Westboro had planned, the non-profit group Planting Peace actually launched a fundraiser -- bless their good hearts -- to raise money for a charity Robin supported in order to counter the hateful messages spread by the church.

It's sickening to think anyone could create even more grief for this family than what they're already experiencing. In addition to being diagosed with Parkinson's disease five months ago, Robin was reportedly broken up over the fact that his TV show, The Crazy Ones, was cancelled after only one season. He felt personally responsible for its failure, according to sources, and fell into a deep depression that led to him seeking treatment at a rehab.

This family isn't asking for anyone to love Robin or love his films or the characters he portrayed. All anyone has to do is show a little compassion and, if they don't have anything nice to say at this time, just say nothing at all -- and let the actor's family mourn in peace.

What do you think about the Westboro Baptist Church's plans for Robin's funeral?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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