AshLee Frazier & Graham Bunn Might Be Hiding BIG 'Bachelor in Paradise' Secret

AshLee Frazier & Graham Bunn

OMG. Out of all of the couples on Bachelor in Paradise, AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn are the most bizarre together by far. I mean, yeah ... they're both super hot and look like a match made in heaven physically, but other than that, they're beyond wrong for each other.

You know, mainly because AshLee is downright nuts. Seriously, when she first set her sights on Graham, I was all, "RUNNNNNN, DUDE!" I couldn't understand why in the heck he was giving her the time of day, though now their little courtship kind of makes sense, given the secret they've been keeping from us.


Get this one -- apparently AshLee and Graham dated before Bachelor in Paradise, which means they're totally lying about "getting to know each other" on the show.

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According to Life & Style, "Graham wants AshLee back," which indicates that they were together at one point or another and then went their separate ways for whatever reason.

OMG, you guys. If this is true, it totally explains why AshLee was acting like a crazy person on the first episode by getting all territorial with Graham after like five seconds. Granted, she's always been a little bit intense, but after Clare asked Graham on a date and she started bawling her eyes out in the bathroom and saying he "wasn't there for her," I seriously started questioning her sanity.

But if they have a history together? Yeah, it makes complete sense for her to get emotional over the idea of him going out with another woman.

And by the same token, the fact that Graham still gave AshLee a rose even though she went all fatal attraction on him doesn't seem odd if he's secretly in love with her. (Or whatever.)

But if Graham and AshLee are deceiving fans by failing to reveal their past, it begs the question of who else on the show isn't being 100 percent truthful. What if (dare I say it) the drama we see each week on Bachelor in Paradise is fabricated for TV ratings?

(Nah, that can't be the case.)

Do you think AshLee and Graham really dated?


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