Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy Might Be Patching Things Up (VIDEO)

Michael StrahanOMG, you guys, major news. Remember how Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy broke up only about a week ago and then it came out that he was cheating, but then maybe it was she was cheating? And it seemed like it was getting really nasty and everything and we were all like, OMG, we totally thought they were in love and everything, what happened?! Well, scratch all that. It appears the two might be back together!


TMZ caught the former (?) couple coming out of a restaurant together and no one had a drink on their head or guacamole in their hair. In fact, Nicole was holding Michael's arm! And they looked all kinda lovey and dovey and stuff. I'm so totally confused. What is happening??!! A source tells TMZ that they'd "like to work things out."

WOW. Just. WOW.

But another source (Michael?) says hold up, buckaroos. Not so fast:

It was a friendly lunch.  They have 7 years of history together.

A friendly lunch, eh? Who has a friendly lunch with the ex who cheated unless you are trying to patch things up?

The TMZ photog could barely contain his excitment (and bafflement) as he approached the pair and asked them a series of increasingly nosy barker questions ("Who paid for lunch? I assume it was lunch, this time of day?" ROFL!). None of which they answered (unless you count Nicole's cackling laugh at the end as an answer).

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Well, for now, let's just assume ... it's complicated.

Should they get back together?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment

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