Kim Kardashian Shows How Deluded She Is With Latest Demand

Kim KardashianRemember how Kim Kardashian said someone was a last-minute no-show at her wedding and she and Kanye had to try and cover up their names on the engraved marble table? Well, I think we have a good idea who those someones might be. And, at least according to In Touch, Kim is totally humiliated by the whole thing and wants Justin Bieber Beyonce to apologize.


A source told the mag:

Beyonce humiliated her ... [Kim] will never forgive Beyonce unless she gets a public apology.

A public apology? Oh yeah, Kimmy, and hell is set to freeze over in three ... two ...

Is she for real? And yet another source tells the mag:

Beyonce can't stand Kim. She thinks Kim got famous from a sex tape, while Beyoncé has worked since she was 5 to get to where she is today. Beyoncé thought that being photographed at Kim’s wedding would have made Kim look good and her look bad.

Ermkay, but then why accept the invitation? To the point where her name and presumably Jay Z's was engraved on a table? Hey, if you don't want to show up a wedding, fine. But to not show last minute, even if your sister did try to beat your husband in an elevator shortly before, is just not cool.

On the other hand, Bey is never going to publicly apologize to Kim. She's Beyonce, for crying out loud! She stood by and watched Solange get all ninja on her hubby. She definitely ain't gonna grovel to someone she (allegedly) can't stand.

Do you think Bey owes Kim the big A?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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