Kate Gosselin & Her Bodyguard Are Back On

Kate GosselinMama of eight Kate Gosselin and her silverhaired bodyguard Steve Neild are back together! Yes, the pair, who tabloids have been trying to insinuate are having more than a professional relationship for eons, were spotted "vacationing together" with Kate's eight kids in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Though, let's get this straight, Steve was working.


While recent rumors had it that Steve quit his job to return to his wife (i.e., his wife happened to be home when he got there, 'cause she lives there and stuff), he's apparently back on the job of protecting Kate from ... not sure who. Rabid fans? Nah. Weirdos? Probably. Jon? Wouldn't be surprised.

Kate and Steve have been rumored to be a little more than star and bodyguard for years, especially since they were supposedly spied holding hands at a Demi Lovato concert in March. The horror of this rumored image didn't stop the two of them (plus kids) attending a One Direction concert. Look, I think if we see them at Journey or Bruce Springsteen, maybe these rumors will have some more credibility.

Back in March, the tabs went wild when Steve's wife, Gina, posted a photo of the family to Facebook. This was supposedly a man-grab -- Gina letting Kate know to back off her hubby. Or it was, ya know, just the kind of family photo everyone else on FB puts up.

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Well, the Plymouth onlooker's photo of Steve photobombing the Gosselin kids does prove he and Kate are still hanging out together -- presumably as boss and employee. Given the amount of paparazzi around Kate, I'd say if something was going on here, we'd have photographic proof of it.

It IS possible for two relatively attractive people of the opposite sex to work together without any hanky-panky going on. Isn't it?

Do you think they're having an affair?


Image via KateGosselin8/Instagram

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