The Truth Behind Alessandra Ambrosio's Picture Perfect Vacation (PHOTOS)

Alessandra AmbrosioModel Alessandra Ambrosio is with her fiance, businessman Jamie Mazur, and their kids in Hawaii this week, but she's also very hard at work. Though she uses the hashtag #foreveronvacation on Instagram, she's also fulfilling her duty as a model: To let us live her flawless life vicariously.

Does she roll out of bed (and the airplane) this beautiful all the time? Are her kids perfect angels like her throughout an entire family vacation? We're not exactly sure. Here's the holiday fairytale her pictures tell ... and what we suspect really might be happening between snaps.


Arriving in Honolulu on Sunday, mama Alessandra, almost-6-year-old Anja, and 2-year-old Noah look fresh-faced and happy. What we don't see: Any signs that they just got off a five-hour-plus flight that involved any kind of whining, crying, diaper mishaps, spilled drinks, or tantrums when the Dora the Explorer episode froze during landing.

"With my mini me," Alessandra captions this pic, and instantly, the idea of mommy-and-me matching outfits becomes a not-at-all-nauseating trend. What we don't see: Little Noah crying because he wanted to wear a matching bikini too. Anja crying because she didn't want to wear the matching bikini today. Or that moment when some creepo tried to photobomb them.

Sharing a milkshake! What we don't see: The argument Alessandra had to have with Anja about eating lunch first. The argument she had to have with herself about whether she'll be able to pose for more Instagrams in a bikini after drinking a milkshake.


Wheee! Alessandra doesn't just let her kids have all the fun. What we don't see: The giant wedgie she had to pick when she landed.


"My girl #loveumorethenwords," Alessandra writes about this photo from Wailea Beach in Maui. What we don't see: Her smacking herself in the forehead when she realizes she typed "then" instead of "than."


Of course, Anja already has the perfect balance of a surfer. What we don't see: The moment right after this shot, when they did lose their balance, and maybe even a pair of sunglasses, inspiring dozens of ogling men to dive in to their aid. The dirty look mom and daughter gave Jamie for laughing at them later.

"It looks like someone is waiting for his turn." What we don't see: The awkward moment when they asked someone to take this photo (oh, who are we kidding, they must have a nanny/assistant/full photo crew, right?), and all that person could think of was the way little Noah is showing clear signs of being in the Oedipal stage.


Oh, honestly. We've just died of sweetness. What don't see: Alessandra's agent contacting Air France about payment for Noah's endorsement. The Four Seasons PR rep cursing herself for not giving Noah a toy emblazoned with their own brand.

Thanks for taking us with you, Alessandra! Next time, you could maybe spring for a ticket and we could really get the full effect. We wouldn't even require matching bikinis!

Are your family vacations always as picture perfect as they seem?

Written by Sabrina Weiss for The Stir


Images via aslessandraambrosio/Instagram

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