Chelsea Handler Poses Topless in Bizarre Dig at the Kardashians (PHOTO)

chelsea handler

Chelsea Handler is the kind of woman that will do anything for a laugh. And we mean ANYTHING. Her latest stunt? In a promo for the final epsode of Chelsea Lately, she channels a Kardashian by stripping down to a pair of skimpy panties and posting the photo to Instagram.


The caption simply reads, "I'm a Kardashian."


First off, let me just say she looks good. Damn good. Who knew she was hiding a hot bod under all that biting snark? But this jab at the Kardashians feels a little too much like the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think?

Is she really so much better than the reality TV clan? Yes, they famously became famous for doing basically nothing but wearing designer duds and hanging out at cool places. They make money for nothing. Chelsea makes big bucks by picking people apart and making fun of them. That certainly doesn't give her any moral high ground. Her comic attacks are scathing and cruel. The Kardashians certainly have never made anyone cry (well, except for maybe Kris Humphries ... but he should have known what he was getting into). 

Bottom line is both are beloved for reasons most of us don't really respect but LOVE to watch nonetheless. Her snark will definitely be missed, but we bet this isn't the last we hear or see of the star.

Be honest, do you think Chelsea looks hot in the photo?


Images via Chelsea Handler/Instagram & Chelsea Handler/Instagram

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