Kim Kardashian's Confession About Kanye West Is Totally Unexpected

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Even though rumors have been swirling saying there's trouble in paradise, Kim Kardashian's comments about her marriage to Kanye West definitely make them seem more rock solid than ever.

For obvious reasons, most of us have just assumed that Kanye wears the pants in that relationship, to the point where Kim goes along with whatever he says without the slightest hesitation. But as it turns out, she insists that tying the knot with Kanye has only made her more sure of who she is, or at least that's what we can infer from what she had to say about being his wife.


Kim's words were, "I'm feeling I speak my mind a little bit more after I've had our daughter. I don't know if it's a combination of being married to someone that's super honest and open and says whatever he wants whenever he wants to or just not having time really for anything else but the truth and just being real."

Hmm. So being married to Kanye has made her more honest and bold, huh?

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I guess we should take her word for it? I mean, her little rant about having a big butt was definitely outspoken. Maybe Kanye has taught her to have less of a filter and say what's on her mind without worrying what other people think?

But as far as the health of their marriage goes, this is probably a sign that we need to back off and give Kim and Kanye the benefit of the doubt. It sure sounds like she's perfectly content with her new role of wife and mom.

Sure, her track record with this sort of thing isn't exactly the best. But shouldn't we at least give her marriage to Kanye a year or two before assuming it's going straight into the shitter?

(Just a suggestion.)

Do you think marrying Kanye has been good for Kim's self-esteem?


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