Kate Middleton's Recent Behavior Proves She's Still a Commoner at Heart

Kate Middleton

It looks like Kate Middleton could definitely teach the celebrity moms out there a thing or two when it comes to spending money on designer clothes for their growing babies.

The Duchess has once again proved that she is the anti-Kim Kardashian with her latest move that is bound to shock even the biggest names and most stylish people in the entertainment world.


Apparently, Middleton was recently spotted doing a little outlet shopping for her 1-year-old son, Prince George. According to the UK’s Daily Record, Middleton has shown again why she’s our favorite Discount Duchess:

The Duchess of Cambridge was seen checking out Lacoste for pajamas for Prince George as she looked around the shops at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. Kate also took a look for discounts in Ralph Lauren, Temperley, and Gucci during her visit to the popular shopping destination.

God, I love this woman. Her son is the future King of England, yet she is so down-to-earth and like us when it comes to being practical and thrifty. It wouldn’t surprise me if she stopped by a Target store or did a little shopping at TJ Maxx during her next trip to the States. Could you imagine bumping into her in the kids’ department at Target? I would DIE.

But it’s a good thing that Kate is bargain shopping for her son. I mean, we all know how fast children grow out of their clothes when they’re young and still growing, and paying retail prices for designer clothes seems like such a waste of money. I know Kim probably loves dressing her daughter North West in the latest Roberto Cavalli dresses, but they’re probably worth nothing the moment she takes a diaper-less wiz in them (I’m sure it’s happened!).

Do you think Kate Middleton is setting a good example for other celebrities by shopping at outlet stores?

Image via WPA Pool/The Duchess of Cambridge Visits Bletchley Park/Getty Images

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