Reese Witherspoon's Dance Moves Are Terrible & We Can't Help But Love Her (VIDEO)

Reese Witherspoon

For a good time, go hang out with Reese Witherspoon! Because with or without you, this gal knows how to have some fun. The 38-year-old actress was caught on video living it up at a wedding in Capri, Italy on August 13, and her dance moves are hilariously awesome.

TMZ got the footage in which the Walk the Line stunner sips champagne and boogies down with her bad self to "I Will Survive." Let's just say there's a lot of hand waving and hair whipping. Or, as Us Weekly reported, a lot of "throwing up an invisible lasso [and] pointing repeatedly up at the sky." So. Much. Awesome!


The Oscar winner was definitely having a good time as she got her groove thing on!

Is she just the cutest or what?

Singer Guido Lembo, who was at the mic as Reese danced the night away, said, "She was beautiful, natural, [and] down to earth ... she danced and sang Johnny Cash songs. She is very friendly, very easygoing."

It's official. We're going to need a Reese Witherspoon Best Friend Application.

Do you dance at weddings?


Image via Mingle Media TV/Flickr

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