'Veronica Mars' Fans Rejoice -- Kristen Bell & the Whole Gang Are Coming Back!

Veronica Mars CastGet excited, Veronica Mars fans! Kristen Bell as our favorite plucky detective is back on the small screen starting this September -- sort of. Described by BuzzFeed as "super meta," much of the OG cast will appear in a new web series on CW Seed, the network's digital-only network.

Titled Play It Again, Dick, the spin-off will revolve around a fictionalized version of Ryan Hansen, who played fan-favorite character Dick Casablancas. The actor, playing himself in a bizarre version of reality, decides to capitalize on his Veronica Mars fame by getting his own series on the air. Hansen convinces his co-stars to reprise some of their VM roles as well, and hi-jinx will undoubtedly ensue.


VM creator Rob Thomas (who was also a driving force behind the critically acclaimed yet short-lived series Party Down) released a statement about the series last January, saying, "The web series will have more in common with Party Down tonally, but it will be about Ryan Hansen, or at least a version of Ryan Hansen, deciding to capitalize on the current Veronica Mars heat to get his own series on the air. He'll try to pull his actor pals into the venture with varying degrees of success."

They just wrapped filming, and it looks like most of our fave characters are back, playing fictionalized versions of themselves as well as their VM characters as Hansen takes a stab at his own series.

Kristen Bell is back as Veronica, as is her on screen, on again, off again love interest Logan Echolls (played by Jason Dohring). Other returners include Enrico Colantoni as Keith Mars, Percy Daggs III as Wallace Fennel, Daran Norris as Cliff McCormack, Francis Capra as Eli "Weevil" Navarro, Kyle Gallner as Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, and Ken Marino as Vinnie Van Lowe.

The eight-episode series will premiere on CW Seed on September 15, with one episode being released each week. The length of each varies, but will be in the eight- to ten-minute range.

Will you be watching Play It Again, Dick?


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