Kardashian Girls Threaten to Quit 'KUWTK' for Good Reason​

Kim KardashianCould this be the end of the Kardashians? Despite falling ratings, the show continues to be renewed every year -- I guess it's tough to let go of such a powerhouse franchise. But the Kardashian girls themselves might pull the plug on KUWTK. And not because they're tired of having cameras in their faces 24/7 (would they ever tire of that?), but because someone inside the show keeps stealing from them!


The Kardashian girls have been robbed three times -- twice a thief (or thieves) hit Kourtney, and once Khloe. Khloe found out the majority of Lamar's jewelry was stolen, and Kourtney and Scott had $50,000 stolen from their house in March.

Everyone highly suspects it is someone who works on the show since there is never any hint of a break-in, and the person seems to know exactly where everything is located and when no one will be home. You'd think whoever is doing this would have been happy with what he or she has grabbed so far! But nope. Someone, possibly that very same person, just robbed Kourt and Scott again!

There is a real downside to opening up your lives to the public, and this is it. Someone, or many people, know where you are at all times.

The girls apparently feel so betrayed by whomever is doing this that they are refusing to film the show anymore until the suspect(s) is found.

You can't blame them for that. I mean, until they find the thief, they wouldn't feel safe putting anything anywhere. Imagine you have a beautiful wedding or birthday gift and you can't even trust it is going to be safe in your own home at any given moment.

So far it seems no amount of security precautions have stopped the thief, including more surveillance cams as well as a change in staff routine. In fact, the thief is so good, and so stealth, that rumors are even flying that the thief isn't just inside the Kardashian show, but inside the Kardashians literally -- that it is either Scott, Rob, or Lamar! I mean, those guys could probably use the money, let's face it.

Hey, I'm kidding! Of course it's not them. Well, it might be Lamar. Kidding!! (Um, sort of. Lamar?)

Who knows who it is. But good for the girls for sticking to their guns.

Though we know they will end up filming the show. Because that is what pays for all this cash and jewelry! Duh.

Who do you think it is?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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