Kim Kardashian's 1 Major Fear for North West

Kim KardashianThe way Kim Kardashian spends virtually every waking moment glued to social media, you'd think she couldn't wait to get little North West her own Instagram account. But apparently Kim is actually frightened of the day when Nori will grow up and get on social media (which will probably be in about six months!).


Kim complained about her haters at the Teen Choice Awards, telling E! Entertainment:

I feel really bad for my little sisters and I would really hate for the day when my daughter has to get on social media, 'cause the comments -- it’s like, cyberbullying. Sometimes, they can be so negative.

Erm, okay, Kim, but Nori has no doubt seen you log approximately 100,000 hours on social media in the year since she's been born. And that is far more hours than are even in a year!

I'm just saying, she's going to copy whatever you're doing. She's learning all the time. You've already said she is fascinated by watching you get your makeup done. She's probably also fascinated by the way you are constantly pouting into a little square thing you hold in your hand.

Seriously, Kim, you are putting out a book of selfies!

Perhaps teach her there is more to life than social media. That, in fact, you don't need it at all! I mean, you can still be a celeb without Twitter or Instagram. Ask Jennifer Aniston or Al Pacino.

My god, did I just compare Kim to Al Pacino? Clearly, I need a vacation. Maybe permanently.

Anyway, my point being, if you know something is scary and potentially damaging to your child, WHY ARE YOU DOING IT SO MUCH?

On the other hand, kids love to rebel and do the exact opposite of what their parents do. So perhaps Nori will be an astronaut or something. She'll live on Mars and never ever post an Instagram photo. We can all hope!

Do you think that Kim is teaching North to be obsessed with social media too?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram

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