Kylie Jenner Shaves Her Head in Honor of Her Birthday

Kylie Jenner

Well, well, well. I guess turning 17 also came with a bit of a wild streak, as Kylie Jenner admits to shaving her head for the occasion.

I know. My jaw was on the floor when I heard the news too. At first I was all, "Who does she think she is? Britney Spears?"

I mean, she's young and can get away with dyeing her hair green and all that jazz, but shaving her head? Really?


Ok, ok, I'll stop with the teasing. She only shaved the back of her head, so you can't really see her new buzz cut unless she lifts up her hair or wears it in a ponytail.

Kylie told E! that she basically did it on a whim. One minute she was getting ready, and the next she thought to herself, "Why not shave the back of my head?"

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And there you have it. But if she had any regrets about getting a little too razor happy, her big sis Kim Kardashian definitely put her at ease by deeming her "the epitome of what cool is."

Damn. You can't get much more flattering than that. Hell, Kim even said Kylie's new 'do inspired her to want to do the same, though somehow I highly doubt Kanye West would be keen on Kim getting rid of ANY of her hair.

(Man. That would be one way to piss him off. Maybe she should go for it?)

Have you ever shaved your head underneath?


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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