Kim Kardashian Reveals Kanye West Likes Her Better as a Blonde

It's totally normal to have and express your beauty preferences when it comes to your wife or husband -- I mean, within reason. When I met my husband, he had a goatee -- he looked hot, but I think he looks even hotter without facial hair. Likewise, he has had no problem telling me he thinks I look like I'm 12 with bangs and prefers me without them. At the end of the day, I'd never actually tell him what to do with his looks, nor would he suggest I radically change my appearance.

Kim Kardashian recently revealed that Kanye West keeps asking her to do something totally unnatural: dye her hair blonde. The brunette -- who looks damn good with dark hair -- said her husband prefers her as a golden goddess and that she has put her foot down with him.


Apparently, the two sit around talking about her hair color, which is pretty remarkable considering how I'm pretty sure my husband has absolutely no opinion on whether I have highlights, lowlights, or ombre locks. But okay, this is Kanye and we know he is a fashionable dude with a strong opinion about ... everything.

Kim's man asked her if she would consider going light again and she told him not right after a baby, because her face was "swollen" and it looked like her "lips were huge."

Okay. While her face certainly doesn't seem "off," it's not our place to argue with how she feels about herself. But does anyone else think it's odd for Kanye to ask her to go blonde again? I would feel a bit insulted, as if my natural looks weren't good enough for the person who married me for me.

And, yes, maybe I'm being a little too dramatic here and he's within his right to think she looks sexier as a blonde, but sometimes you kind of have to keep your lips tight when it comes to things like this and just say "you look gorgeous, sweetie."

Do you think it's insulting for Kanye to ask Kim to become a blonde again?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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