Taylor Swift Has a New Roommate & They Are Inseparable

It can get lonely being a super-famous 24-year-old girl living in a huge Beverly Hills mansion all by yourself. Or, uh, so I'm guessing.

Taylor Swift seems to think so, because she has just made the biggest commitment a young woman can -- she has asked someone she loves to move in with her!

Is she back with Joe Jonas? John Mayer? Taylor Lautner?? No, no, and NO. The country/pop singer is doing something WAY better -- she has asked her newest BFF, model Karlie Kloss, to shack up with her because she is "lonely."


All you have to do is open up any gossip mag and you'll find photos of the blonde duo shopping together, going to the gym together, road trip-ing together, perfecting the art of creating the perfect cosmetic cat's eye together, etc. After being attached at the hip to former BFF Selena Gomez and then falling out with her, Karlie has become Taylor's best bud and everyone who knows them is saying they are "inseparable."

So, naturally, the next step was for them to become roommates. And I have to say, good for them! Far too many young women make romantic relationships the center of their universes and, as a result, sometimes jump too quickly into living with them before they are ready. Taylor is doing a smart thing here: she's young, still out to have fun, and is truly enjoying her life as a single girl with interesting female friends. 

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I truly feel that everyone should live with a roommate or by themselves for a little bit before settling down. And this move is going to do wonders for her Instagram photos -- how long before we see a midnight photo shoot with Taylor, Karlie, her cat, and a plate of S'more's?

Have you ever lived with friends? Was it a positive experience?


Image via taylorswift/Instagram


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