Tea Leoni & David Duchovny Have Divorced After 3 Years Separated

Once upon a time, actress Tea Leoni and her X-Files actor hubby David Duchovny seemed to have the ideal relationship. They were both hot, had successful TV and film careers, and were often photographed holding hands and looking happy.

But things haven't been good for them in a few years. They separated three years ago -- after a whirlwind of rumors about both parties cheating and David entering rehab for a sex addiction. And now we've learned the couple reportedly divorced in June and kept things quiet -- until now.


Tea and David certainly had enough time -- three whole years -- to contemplate whether a permanent split was the way to go. And when they finally made the call to end things, they did so without allowing it to get dirty. Apparently, they settled all of the terms themselves. They will share joint custody of their two children, Madelaine, 15, and Kyd, 12, though Tea will have primary custody of them.

David agreed to pay $8,333 monthly for child support and -- get ready for this -- a whopping $40,000 a month in spousal support.

The couple married in 1997 and first split briefly in 2007. The following year, David checked in to rehab for two months to "cure" his sex addiction. I have to hand it to Tea for putting up with that because a lesser woman wouldn't stand for any of it, especially one year after they reconciled their differences.

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Who knows why Tea and David decided now is the time to call it quits, but it certainly seems like they at least tried to make a go of it. What more can we ask of our Hollywood couples? Best of luck to them in their new single lives.

Are you surprised that Tea and David divorced after three years of separation?


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