Jennifer Aniston Says Justin Theroux Will 'Pull a Gun' If She Does This to Her Face

Jennifer Aniston recently revealed that she would love to lose five pounds, which is pure insanity, but whatever. Lots of women who look great talk about wanting to lose weight, so this is nothing unusual and we'll forgive you for that, Jen.

And here's why the gorgeous actress gets a pass: she is one of, like 10, celebs in their 40s who has put her foot down where plastic surgery is concerned. In fact, Jen had some interesting things to say about her fiance Justin Theroux's views on her going under the knife -- AND she revealed how she really feels about her friends' plastic surgery mishaps (cough, cough, Courteney Cox).


Jen says her hot boyfriend thinks she's gorgeous just the way she is and that he will "put a gun" to her head if she touches her face in any way.

Cheers to that!

Jen went on to express her feelings about botox and other injections, saying she has seen lots of her peers do things to their faces to appear "ageless," and that her "heart breaks" for them. She also said something that most of us think when we see photos of Cox and other celebs: "Oh god if you only know how much older you look."

She's right, of course. But you have to wonder who Jen had in mind when she made this statement. She and Courteney have been BFFs for years now -- do you think she has addressed her plastic surgery concerns with her? It doesn't seem like the actress was trying to be catty by saying this -- she seems genuinely concerned.

As sad as this is to say, it takes courage and confidence for actresses like Jen to just say "no" to plastic surgery and embrace aging with grace. We need more role models like Jen, who focuses her attention on healthy habits and exercise.

What do you think about Jen's plastic surgery comments? Who do you suppose she had in mind?


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